Asked at a White House news conference about his recommendation of the Georgia House candidate, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and whether he thinks in the conspiracy theories she promotes, Trump pivoted to merely praising her. The President has actually retweeted messages from supporters on Twitter who advertise in their bios that they ascribe to QAnon theories, their Q signs and Q T-shirts have been identified at of numerous Trumps rallies and occasions, and in 2019, the White House welcomed a QAnon advocate to an occasion explained by the White House as a “social media summit” with conservative influencers.Greene has actually duplicated and promoted QAnon theories and phrases, applauding the mythical Q as a “patriot” in a video from 2017 and explaining the conspiracy theory as “something worth listening to and paying attention to.”But this week, a McCarthy spokesperson, who decreased to be named, said in a declaration that House Republicans “look forward” to Greenes success in November.In one indication that the win has divided Republicans, GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois tweeted a rebuke of the QAnon conspiracy theory on Wednesday, stating there is “no place in Congress for these conspiracies.


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