Last week, Gov. Tom Wolf made an out-of-nowhere recommendation that scholastic sports be delayed until a minimum of Jan. 1.
The PIAA didnt know that declaration was coming. Wolf supplied no context for how his workplace came to that decision. And he presented no description for the reasoning behind the timeline.
Furthermore, the previous week, the PIAA board of directors had actually simply chosen to continue with the start of fall sports as set up.
Similarly galling were Wolfs follow-up remarks Thursday in York. The guv stood by his suggestion while admitting he still hasnt read the response from the PIAA.
TribLIVEs Chris Harlan joined me for Fridays “Breakfast With Benz” podcast. He says that letter was given to the governor earlier in the week.
Not just has Wolf failed to read it, however he likewise basically stated it wasnt worth his time.
” Im not exactly sure what they might state that would make me alter my sense of what I think is the right thing to do,” Wolf said.
Comically, a few minutes later, Wolf described himself as “having an open mind.”
Similarly hilarious is Wolfs attempt to disassociate the value of his job from his recommendation.
” I recognize that Im simply one person,” Wolf stated. “Maybe Im guv, but Im a single person that has an opinion.”
Guv is the essential part to that sentence, ya know?
Stop playing video games, Governor. This “Im only one man!” things is a farce. And you understand it. You are the leader of this state. You arent posting on Facebook. You arent “Tom from York County” calling in to a talk show. Your “recommendation” matters a lot more than most.
By the way, you arent “just one person.” Your health department and education department have already backed you up. So you are one individual with 2 major federal government firms supporting your policy.
Sorry. Not “policy.” I know, its just a “recommendation.”.
Wolf is likewise often playing that semantics game. He catches himself before he states anything like “policy” or “statement” or “decree.” Hell parse in between “suggestion” and “regulation.”.
Due to the fact that “recommendation” makes it casual, like hes not the one deciding. Like he can shift the responsibility to the private school boards, the PIAA or various conferences around the state.
Please! Who is this person kidding? The number of school boards are really going to open themselves up to the legal liability of operating in direct opposition to the governor and the departments of health and education.
Parents of the very first backup punter who doesnt get playing time on high school football team “X” and agreements coronavirus will take that school board (and district) to court so fast, the lawyers wont be able to line up quickly enough to say, “Negligence! Neglect! They had a state recommendation! They disregarded it and played anyhow!”.
Sure. It was simply a recommendation. However, it might too have been a costs signed into law.
And it may also have actually been a cancellation notice for high school sports this fall. Although Wolf is pretending thats not the case.
” I likewise suggested this summer that Pennsylvanians avoid going to the Jersey Shore. Im sorry, thats my suggestion. You do what you desire, and school districts are going to do what they desire,” Wolf shrugged.
No, Governor. They arent going to do what they want. They are going to do what keeps them from presuming tremendous legal direct exposure.
And that Jersey Shore example is so silly I can barely muster up a reaction. If they get coronavirus, Ill simply state anybody who went to the Jersey Shore isnt going to sue themselves.
The coup de grâce of Wolfs address was this unreasonable reason for why cross nation is an example of a fall sport that was too risky of a competition.

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First of all, nobody is focusing on sports over education. The questions have to do with trying to carve out ways for them to exist together under the circumstances. We have enough genuine arguments without Wolf producing a strawman.
Psst! Mr. Governor, you can contend without fans. Keep in mind?!?
So despite the fact that high school cross nation meets in York are, apparently, as heavily attended as the goal at the New York City Marathon, the guv does not require to worry.
If Wolf desires to talk about whether high school soccer, football or basketball are safe adequate to play, lets dispute that. Digging in his heels over cross nation? Thats just a guy more concerned about being best than making sense.
The impossibility to socially distance in a school setting. I understand Wolfs issue.
As much as I want to see scholastic football and other sports take place for the kids, I do not know for sure its possible either.
However I do understand its worth a sincere discussion. Something that does not appear to interest “Tom from York County.”.
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You can hear my entire podcast with Harlan here.

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Wolf provided no context for how his office came to that decision. Wolf is also frequently playing that semantics video game. You do what you desire, and school districts are going to do what they desire,” Wolf shrugged.
We have enough real arguments without Wolf developing a strawman.
If Wolf desires to talk about whether high school soccer, basketball or football are safe sufficient to play, lets argument that.

Here is among the Governors comments about sports …
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