Some have actually withstood, however, which motivated Allen Pan to develop a gun that rapidly shoots a mask on to the face of those not taking this entire thing seriously.It hasnt precisely been simple encouraging the American individuals to mask up, so Pan chose to take a method that leverages one of the things most Americans like above all else: weapons. Using parts of a cars brake line, a pistol grip from a spray paint can, some custom-made electronics, and a solenoid valve for controlling the circulation from a pressurized CO2 cylinder, Pan developed a portable blaster that looks like something directly out a Mad Max film– but hopefully this weapon will assist stop the apocalypse.Even with the addition of an actual laser scope that projects a green dot onto a target whos not been correctly educated about the benefits of mask using, intending the mask gun is the most challenging part of utilizing it. Functionally, the Mask Gun works precisely like those cannons that release internet to knock drones out of the sky, but the mask instead works like a parachute or a sail developed to catch the wind, and even with a laser scope, aiming is practically totally random.But its not a concept without benefit.


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