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Piece of The Pie is a brand-new TMZ franchise showcasing surprisingly talented individuals of color who have had problem making their mark in the entertainment industry.
Our objective here is to raise awareness on behalf of marginalized developers and voices– people who have excellent stories to tell– and make certain the people who pull the strings in the market see what they give the table. So here goes.
Nakia Stephens is an award-winning film writer and filmmaker who found success informing stories back house in Georgia, but shes encountered challenges getting operate in Hollywood, where she says the conference room and pitch meetings look rather various from Atlanta.
Nakia narrates her difficulties burglarizing Hollywood with TMZs Loren Lorosa, explaining among the most striking variations shes seen between Atlanta and Tinseltown is the lack of officers and other individuals in power who look like her.
Regardless of some strong credentials– producing her own screenwriting label, Damn Write Originals, and getting 20 of her movie scripts produced– Nakia states its been practically impossible to get a green light for her screenplays in Hollywood, where major networks seem averse to telling uniquely Black stories.
Nakia understands the chances are versus her when she gets in a pitch conference and sees an absence of diverse faces.
The issue, Nakia states, is you require Black people to tell Black stories … and Black writers and creatives ought to have the same chances as anybody else, due to the fact that their stories matter too.


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