The request came Friday, when provincial Premier John Horgan posted a video on Twitter asking for help from British Columbia-native stars in reaching youths about the risks of partying during the coronavirus pandemic. Horgan called out Reynolds and Seth Rogen for help.Reynolds addressed the call.In a light-hearted, 90-second voice memo, throughout which Reynolds consistently stated individuals most likely do not want medical advice from him, he called partying “hazardous.””You young folks in BC: Yeah, theyre partying, which is obviously harmful, and they probably dont know that thousands of young individuals arent just getting ill from coronavirus, that theyre likewise passing away from it too,” the “Deadpool” star said.Meantime, Reynolds continued, the infection affects the provinces most susceptible and its older locals– specifically individuals like his mom.”My mommy, I mean, she doesnt want to be cooped in her house throughout the day; she wants to be out there travelling Kitsilano Beach, searching for some young 30-something Abercrombie burnout to go full Mrs. Robinson on,” he joked.”But heres the important things. I hope that young people in BC dont eliminate my mom, honestly, or (environmental scientist) David Suzuki, or each other,” Reynolds said. “Lets not eliminate anyone. I think thats affordable.”British Columbia, house to Vancouver, is Canadas third most populous province. Far, the area has seen simply over 4,000 cases of the coronavirus, according to the most recent federal government information. Ontario and Quebec, Canadas biggest two provinces by population, have actually tallied more than 100,000 cases combined.


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