Screenshot: PorscheThe Nürburgring acknowledges numerous categories of records, including compact vehicles, sports cars and trucks, prototypes, and so on. I imply, look at the gap in times between the following classifications: Screenshot: NürburgringAnd then the following two other categories: Screenshot: NürburgringG/ O Media may get a commission”Prototypes” and “Sports vehicles” are completely legit, as is another classification, “Racing automobiles,” which consists of non-road legal cars and trucks, but for the rest, I would suggest a separate category for Vans, a separate category for Pickups, a separate category for SUVs, and then a final category that is just non-prototype, non-racing, non-sports Cars. I indicate if the purpose of setting Nürburgring records is to identify The Fastest Whatever, its less enjoyable to talk about Fastest Executive Car and more fun to just talk about the Fastest Car, or the Fastest Van, or the Fastest Pickup.


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