Look, Im sure that the new Microsoft Edge is a wonderful web browser. Im looking forward to trying it one day.
Microsoft, I have a piece of advice for you: if so really numerous Windows users are googling “Cant uninstall Microsoft Edge” that you feel the requirement to absolutely own that search result by making it the title of your FAQ … perhaps simply do not force it on Windows users to begin with?
Heres a screenshot of the brand-new assistance page, for posterity:

To be clear, Im not stating Microsoft should not have actually updated users to the brand-new version of Edge, especially after todays announcement that Internet Explorer and legacy Edge will be completely phased out precisely one year from now. Continued security updates are important!
But instead of informing users what effectively comes down to “you cant uninstall it because we decided not to let you,” possibly Microsoft might take a hint and provide users what they obviously want. Heres how Google search volume for “uninstall Microsoft Edge” has actually progressed in current months:

By the method, you obviously can still get rid of the new Edge. (Strange how Microsofts page omits that.) Youll just have to be comfortable with a couple of shell commands.


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