Chief Product Officer Panos Panay is using Microsofts vision for “better” mobile productivity. The cited target audience consists of “Surface fans,” people that “love” Office/Teams/Outlook, and Android users..

After announcing in October, Microsoft yesterday fully detailed the Surface Duo. In addition to specs, it opened pre-orders for the Android Foldable. The business today shared a 35-minute demonstration video that it offered to members of the press as part of its pitch for the Surface Duo.

Im not attempting to transform the phone, but I do think this is a better way to get things done, a better method to develop and a much better method to link on a mobile phone.

While a regulated demonstration, the video provides a great appearance at the Surface Duo in action.

… when you see things side-by-side, when youre dealing with 2 screens side-by-side connected, the brain switches on in a very various way. It lights up, it amplifies. Youre able to accomplish more, youre able to see more, collect more..

While a controlled demo, the video supplies a good appearance at the Surface Duo in action. Theres a great summary of the screen modes and the first-party apps that support it. One particular emphasize is the Amazon Kindle app and seeing pages on both sides. Its like reading a paper book, and Microsoft calls having one app on 2 screens “spanning.”.

After revealing in October, Microsoft the other day totally detailed the Surface Duo. The company today shared a 35-minute demo video that it gave to members of the press as part of its pitch for the Surface Duo.

On the productivity front, Panay says:.

Towards the end, theres a short part where the design team speak about the hardware. There are “ultra-thin wires between the two screens that bring information, power, and control signals.” We also see the internal layout of the 2 batteries and other essential parts.
Overall, theres nothing brand-new from October in this demonstration video, and the user interface/experience looks steady, though that need to definitely be anticipated since the Surface Duo will be delivering in less than a month.
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