What made Kobe great was that he wasnt scared to attempt brand-new things, because that danger of failure is where you grow. Kobe tried to best everything about his game, from the method he played to the way he approached the game.”

” Every game, I compose on my shoes, Be Legendary, which is what Kobe signed on my shoes back in 2016,” states Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker. That not just a basketball quote.

Kobe Bryants impressive influence on the game of basketball likewise used to footwear style. Throughout his profession, Kobe pushed Nike Basketball to explore the competitive advantages acquired through low-profile, highly-responsive style. It was an aspirational challenge as much as it was a technical one.

Honoring his tradition within Nike Basketball and beyond is a seasonal shoes collection that covers memorable colorways of the Kobe V Protro, in addition to a limited-edition jersey.


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