Unique Prosecutor Dan Webb reported “significant abuses of discretion and operational failures” in Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxxs handling of Jussie Smollets case.
Webb, who was assigned to probe the examination, released his findings on Smollets case and Foxxs handling on Monday. He writes that Foxx and those working with her created incorrect statements, later shared to the general public relating to, Smollets dismissal.
In January 2019, The Empire star came under fire for allegedly staging supposed racist and homophobic attacks versus himself. He was arraigned on 16 felony counts in March 16, including one for apparently submitting a false police report following the January incident.

Webbs report continues to state that Foxx and her personnel showed possible violations of ethics in their handling of the case. The district attorney could not find anything criminal in Foxxs handling.
Mark Geragos, Smolletts lawyer, reacted to Webbs report. He composed that the report confirms that “there was no misbehavior or unnecessary influence by Jussie” or his termination.
Read Geragos full declaration below:
” This so called “report” on Kim Foxx and the timing of the recharging of Jussie reveals the genuine political electoral inspiration of Dan Webb and his associates. Its an outright effort to take down a black, progressive, female prosecutor who does not fit within the white power structure. Jussie, a black, gay man who preserves his innocence, continues to be utilized as a pawn. Todays report verifies what the defense has stated all along– there was no wrongdoing or undue influence by Jussie or the defense in the dismissal of all charges versus him and the second wave of charges is a blatant constitutional infraction.”


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