Bubble awards? You want bubble awards?Let me tell you, Im everything about bubble awards. Even before the NBA revealed that they d call an MVP and an all-tournament group for the bubble– excuse me, “seeding games”– over the past 2 weeks, I was positively beaming over this amazing possibility.First, who could be against such a thing? However more importantly, the timing is proper.After an extreme two weeks of competition that in many respects resembled the old Olympic format more than the present NBA, we need to breathe out prior to the playoffs start and digest the finest and worst of what we saw. Much of it was excellent– much, much more than we anticipated, if were being honest. The shot-making was at times extraordinary, the competitiveness was there to match it, and the “interesting and brand-new!” video camera angles were luckily kept to a minimum. A pester of fouls was the only withstanding …


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