Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez wont have a problem borrowing a cup of sugar from their brand-new Star Island next-door neighbors, due to the fact that folks there are inviting them with open arms … and pleased bank accounts.
We broke the story … the power couple just scooped up a $40 million waterfront estate on Miamis super-exclusive island hood, and our sources there say the locals may be more thrilled about it than J Lo and A-Rod.
Were informed existing Star Island locals believe J-Rods arrival will bring back the lure, appeal and superstar status the areas been doing not have lately … and, for that reason, send residential or commercial property values soaring to new heights.

Its fascinating due to the fact that some major A-listers still call Star Island home– Diddy and Gloria Estefan come to mind– however others have sold and moved away in current years … like Shaq and Rosie ODonnell.
So, our sources state J Lo and A-Rod more than fill that void while bringing even more glamour than ever … together with a good wholesome atmosphere with their combined household.
Were informed the other stars on the Island will also be delighted if the soon-to-be-wed couple ended up paying the asking cost of $40 mil … due to the fact that, when again, its terrific for everyones bottom line.
There are still 2 properties for sale on the island, and report has it … Jeff Bezos is eyeing both of them.
That certainly wont hurt the market either.


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