MS Dhonis batting position has actually always been a talking point, ever given that in 2015s World Cup. While there are lots of who believe that his game is fit for a position greater up the order, CSK batting coach is of the opinion that perfect batting position for him would be no. 4.”No. 4 is ideal for MS Dhoni to bat, however everyone in the middle-order will require to adapt according to the circumstance. Uncertain yet what the cosmetics of the group will be. Just focused on the preparation stage at the moment,” Hussey stated in an interview with The New Indian Express.Hussey likewise is of the opinion that they have an excellent team, who understand their game well. “Just get in there (ground) and do the effort. We are fortunate to have a lot of knowledgeable gamers in our ranks who understand their game well. They also understand what they require to prepare and how to be ready for the job,” Hussey stated.”Of course, batting is our strength, but I feel we have a healthy team that covers all the skill sets well. [Its] not actually that easy as everybody believes. Every player will have to go there and adapt to the conditions,” he believed.Dhoni will be taking the field after Indias semifinal loss against New Zealand in the 2019 World Cup. There were murmurs about his retirement but there has actually been no word on the exact same from the former skipper. His return go competitive cricket was delayed due to the corornavirus pandemic.


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