Every Capitals coach worked with given that 1981 who didnt win a playoff series in their very first 2 seasons didnt get to coach into a 3rd other than for Glen Hanlon (who remained in a reconstruct.).
— Ted Starkey (@TedStarkey) August 17, 2020.

Yup, theres Mike Weber deflecting a puck directly to Patric Hornqvist for the game-winning overtime goal after I begged Barry not to play him previously that day.
Theres this: What if the Capitals terrible showing in the playoffs is totally random? What if the unprecedented five-month layoff due to the coronavirus pandemic and the 24-team playoff format, which had the Capitals playing crucial games later than the Islanders, offered the Isles an advantage?
The Islanders needed to play excellent hockey right away to advance, defeating the Florida Panthers three games to one in the Qualifying Round.
After losing John Carlson to injury in the exhibit game, the Capitals seemed to handle, purposefully or accidentally, their effort throughout their three round-robin games.
Its uncertain how great of shape Capitals players had the ability to remain in during the pandemic.
The group is playing in a bubble away from their friends and families. Its uncertain what the psychological toll is for particular gamers.
Just how much should we make of this years playoff disaster is up for argument.
I believe the way we assess Reirden is colored by how things ended with Trotz too: winning the Stanley Cup. No matter what imperfections Trotz had as a coach (he entered into the season as a lame-duck and was nearly fired a number of times during the season), they were wiped away when he led the team to its first champion. We will always take a look at him fondly.
As Trotz left for greener pastures (and I suggest, greener) in New York, Reirden, his protege, received the opportunity to be an NHL head coach for the very first time. With that chance came the unenviable job of attempting to enhance on the virtually un-improvable: winning the Stanley Cup. I guess you could win a champion gooder and more completely?
Reirdens expectations were sky high, while Trotz, when he initially came to the Capitals organization were low: simply get back into the playoffs after Adam Oates damaged the joint.
All of this is to state that from the outdoors, I believe we unfairly criticize Todds efficiency as head coach of the team. Does that mean he should get an opportunity to coach the group next year if the team is swept? I do not understand.
There might be problems with this team despite the coach:.
Kuznetsov does not seem to be responding to Todd Reirden anymore. In Game Three, which Reirden defined as “the biggest of the year”, Kuzys first-period stat line looked like this.

The Capitals are a collection of different styles (speed, ability, physicality), making a singular identity or a single, versatile system hard to establish. Barry Trotz modified the Capitals protective protection late in 2018, which required the talented team to kick back more and have 5 people on top of the puck at all times. The team entirely purchased in to the more defensive system and rode the wave to the Stanley Cup.
The Capitals simply dont have a third line that ratings like it used to. The teams depth is not as strong as it used to be.
If the Capitals wind up losing to the Islanders, which is almost a statistical warranty at this point, this falls offseason will be important to identifying if any more Cups will be won throughout the Alex Ovechkin Era. Considering that winning everything in 2018, the Capitals have still won like they utilized to in the regular season, however they have stopped working to find that next level in the playoffs. They appear less starving.
Maybe changing coaches is the most aggressive thing they can do. All I ask is that if they fire Reirden, do not talk of him like he was bad at his task.
Headline image: Elizabeth Kong/RMNB.

Evgeny Kuznetsov: 5:18 5v5 TOI, 0/ -8 CF, 0/ -7 shots, 0/ -1 objectives, 0/ -6 SCF, 0/ -5 HDCF.
— Chris Cerullo (@CJC_95) August 16, 2020.

The Washington Capitals are down 3-0 to the New York Islanders and might get swept Tuesday night, ending a season that began with so much guarantee. It would mark the 2nd successive first-round exit for Todd Reirdens Washington Capitals.
The emerging storyline goes like this: Barry Trotz is out-coaching Todd Reirden. The Capitals former Stanley Cup champion head coach, who led the Caps to the promised land in 2018 and then abruptly left the group, is taking his previous assistant to school with remarkable hockey brainpower and experience.
Im not exactly sure I completely purchase it. Barry is still the second losingest coach in NHL history and one time, he scratched Nate Schmidt for Mike Weber in a championship game. But Im also not exactly sure I could encourage you not to think it.
Regardless, this beatdown has been so extensive that modifications, perhaps huge modifications, will need to be made since its clear that this [gestures broadly at whatever] isnt working.

The Capitals are more experienced and skilled than the Islanders, but the Capitals are still getting definitely pounded at 5v5. Beyond excellent efficiencies from Alex Ovechkin and Braden Holtby, the Caps have actually looked an empty shell of itself. They seem material to use the perimeter and try to needle pucks past 5 guys in the offensive zone. Eventually, the gamers conditioning, motivation, and efficiency fall on the head coach and the rest of the training staff. They are the leaders. The dollar stops with them.
Thats why, if there is a required to make big changes, Todd Reirden will be the very first to go. Unless the Capitals can do what only four other teams in NHL history have actually done– dig itself from a 3-0 hole and win a series– Reirden will likely be out at the end of this season.
Past history doesnt simply suggest Reirdens shooting; it practically guarantees it.

What if Reirden is an excellent coach? I think the method we evaluate Reirden is colored by how things ended with Trotz too: winning the Stanley Cup. As Trotz left for greener pastures (and I indicate, greener) in New York, Reirden, his protege, received the opportunity to be an NHL head coach for the very first time. Kuznetsov does not appear to be responding to Todd Reirden any longer. In Game Three, which Reirden defined as “the greatest of the year”, Kuzys first-period stat line looked like this.

As Peter composed earlier today:.
[H] ead coach Todd Reirden is both accountable and accountable for all of it. If defensive coach Reid Cashman were the problem, the chance to replace him passed two months back. If systems were the problem, hes had 160 games to make adjustments. He is becoming less most likely to find the right series of words to speak in the best volume with the best articulation to get them going if inspiration were the problem.
Winning is magic. Winning discharges coachs of their failures and erases the murmurs of “he lost the space.” All of these numbers would be cast in a different light if the Caps would have squeaked out an undeserved win in Game Three.
Firing Todd Reirden is an easy fix. The teams playing core is under contract for the long term, and the team has currently verbally devoted to keeping Alex Ovechkin for the rest of his career.
However what if the Caps fire Reirden and after that find that the genuine problems stay. What if something is systemically incorrect here, and swapping coaches is simply altering the salad dressing on a bed of decomposing lettuce (except you, Ovi, you, my dear, are the one tasty infant corn in there).
Some questions:.
What if Reirden is an excellent coach? What if this Reirden vs. Trotz narrative is oversimplifying something way more made complex? Every figure you look at, beyond playoff performance, recommends that Reirden is excellent.
Todds profession record is 89-46-16. Reirdens.642 point portion ranks 5th in NHL history amongst coaches with a minimum of 100 games.
The Capitals won the Metropolitan Division in both of his seasons.
Reirden is the third coach in NHL history to earn an All-Star nod in his first two seasons as a head coach.
The Reirden Capitals had virtually the very same regular-season record in 2018-19 (48-26-8) as the Trotz Caps in 2017-18 (49-26-7). And Reirden was on pace, through 69 great video games (41-20-8) this season to match or exceed that record.
Alex Ovechkin, in spite of aging, has gotten back at better under Reirdens management and had 99 objectives over the last 2 seasons.
John Carlson is the favorite for the Norris Trophy.
This is a viewpoint, but Reirdens lines always made sense to me. There have been no rage-scratchings of talented young players like Jakub Vrana.
Im not sure if I discussed this in the past, however Todd never benched Nate Schmidt in a playoff game for Mike Weber.
Oh no, I embedded the video.


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