The 1948 Packard Station Sedan from HBOs Lovecraft CountryScreenshot: HBOHBOs new series, Lovecraft Country premiered as Jordan Peeles intriguing re-working of noted weirdo and virulent racist H.P. Lovecrafts Cthulu Mythos into something that integrates the realities of 50s American culture and bigotry, together with all those creepy many-eyed monsters old H.P. liked so damn much. As a duration piece, its filled with some excellent classic iron, however I wish to focus now on the programs main vehicle due to the fact that its something a bit unexpected.Screenshot: HBOI do not wish to give anything away, but I can tell you that the lead characters of the program are on a trip, and among them has a company that deals straight with travel by cars and truck across America, and it appears that the car utilized for this function, affectionately understood as “Woody,” has actually been part of things for quite a while. Its treated with genuine love, that makes a great deal of sense, in context.Illustration: PackardWoody is, as its name implies, a wood-paneled station wagon. Its not the typical Buick or Ford woody, however, and its not even one of the Big Three– Woody is 1948 Packard Station Sedan. Yes, thats right, Packard could not quite bring themselves to call their woody wagon a wagon, due to the fact that it was something a bit stranger– a woody wagon adapted from their all-steel sedan.G/ O Media might get a commissionUnlike most woody station wagons of the era, the Packard just used actual wood structure for the tailgate; the wood on the sides of the doors and the pillars were just gotten aesthetics, something that would actually anticipate the patterns of future station wagons, which would nearly all have fake, non-structural wood. Screenshot: HBOThe styling of the Station Sedan fit with the chubby-cheeked appearance of all of Packards first post-war designs, with a small tombstone-shaped grille in the center that was extravagantly overcompensated for by a series of three full-width chrome grille bars that blended into the bumper, which had another set of full-width chrome bars, supplemented with some big vertical overriders.Illustration: PackardYou can see that the sedan version has almost all the same body panels, with just the roof, freight location side glass/D-pillars, and wooden tailgate being unique.Screenshot: HBOI type of love the way the rear looks on this thing, with its split tailgate that seems just a bit too little for the automobile and has a splendidly cumbersome hinge setup, which numerous scenes in the program manage to display in action, if youre seeing thoroughly for things like hinges, which I am.Illustration: PackardSee those big-ass hinges back there? It appears like theres a multi-step process of sliding and pushing arms and levers to get the tailgate open and shut.These beasts used Packards straight-eight engine linked to a three-on-the-tree transmission, pretty conventional things for the age. These big, almost five-liter engines made about 130 horse power, which for the era was decent, and might likely get among these enormous tree-slathered appeals up to about 85 mph, though getting to 60 took control of 18 seconds.Screenshot: HBOThe program has a number of scenes of the old Packard getting really wrung out, which is interesting to see, as the handling on these could be thought about dinghy-like at best, however the stunt motorists do a fantastic task with them. These Packards were just made from 1948 to 1950, and never ever offered in numbers even close to what the Big Three were providing. It would have been simple to cast a far more typical woody in this role– in truth, other comparable wagons like Buicks are discussed specifically in other contexts– but I like that a sort of underdog was selected.It fits better, somehow, with who the primary characters are here– underdogs themselves, definitely not individuals in positions of power or even control of their own lives, in numerous situations. A durable, reliable, however uncommon cars and truck is a great option. Screenshot: HBOThe series has a lot of other intriguing cars, consisting of the usual selection of middle-America 1950s usual suspects and some more unanticipated ones, like that mid-to-late 1950s Bentley S1 there. I bet well cover these more later.Screenshot: HBOThe Packard goes through some rough treatment in this very first episode, so Im hoping well keep seeing it throughout the series. At least that fantastic cormorant hood ornament, at least. That thing is wonderful.


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