Apple is understood for its thoughtful styles and its attention to information in its iPhones, laptop computers, and AirPods.A California home design from Alchemy Architects offers an appearance at what the Apple style visual may look like applied to a home. BJ Siegel was a senior style director of genuine estate and advancement at Apple for 10 years, according to his LinkedIn profile. In 2016, the designer teamed up with Alchemy Architects to create a tailored variation of their weeHouse design.Siegels home isnt quite a tiny home; its 2 structures that integrate to be almost 1,000 square feet, although it is modular and assembled off-site, as many small houses are. The streamlined, minimalist design has some qualities in common with Apple products, in neutral colors and high-end surfaces. Take an appearance at the home here..

BJ Siegel, a former Apple Design Director, collaborated on the style of his Sonoma home.The weeHouse is bigger than a small house but is upraised and modular the way many tiny houses are. The house was finished in 2016 for an overall of $600,000. Visit Business Insiders homepage for more stories.


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