Screenshot: FactorioThe devilishly expansive Factorio, a video game about constructing a factory that just gets bigger and more automated the longer you decide to play the video game, was among the first real success stories to come out of Steams Early Access program. Which its now, eight years later on, no longer a part of.The video game began advancement in 2012, raised cash via an Indiegogo project in 2013 and hit Early Access in 2016. But it was only on Friday, August 14, 2020 that the game was finally “launched” as variation 1.0. Heres the launch trailer if youve yet to see what the games like: But in a great touch, the group launched a 2nd clip, which takes the video games Early Access trailer from 2016: And updates it with 2020 visuals to show simply how far the video game has actually come by the years: Ill have to go examine it out! I keep in mind playing it a few years back and, while I enjoyed it, I also found myself growing more frightened of it the bigger my factory got, and I think thatll still be the case considering that … its the whole point of the game.


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