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John Ratzenberger is tossing his imaginary mailman hat in the ring to save the U.S. Post Office, and maybe you didnt know this, however … Cliffs got a plan to do it!!!
Ratzenberger, who famously played know-it-all mailman Cliff Calvin on “Cheers,” made his appeal on Cameo after somebody connected to him to make a plea for the embattled USPS.
Inspect it out … Ratzenbergers certainly referencing the existing battle between President Trump and the Post Office over financing. Not only is Ratzenberger aware of all this … hes likewise got a strategy on how the USPS can get a fantastic increase today.
Hint: Think Christmas in August!
As we reported … not just has the USPS mysteriously been removing mail boxes throughout the country, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy– a long time Trump ally– has also bizarrely bought the elimination of mail-sorting makers and got rid of overtime for postal workers.
The instant fear is postal workers will not be able to satisfy the need of mail-in tallies come Election Day. Not if Cliffies got anything to say about it.


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