Carlsen – Ding 3.5-2.5.
” I think it was quite similar to the final match I had versus Giri in the Chessable Masters in that the first game was excellent and after that a total mess,” Carlsen stated quickly after the match. “I cant believe that I really escaped however thats the way it is often.”.

I cant think that I really escaped however thats the method it is often.– Magnus Carlsen.

Ding recovered wonderfully with what was the most appealing game of the tournament up until now, a minimum of from Whites viewpoint. “I think I sort of messed it up a bit early,” Carlsen said about his play, in what was a Kings Indian against Whites fianchetto setup.
The Norwegian star confessed that his position was “incredibly unsafe” for him but felt he might still “sort of escape” until the brilliant 24. Bxh6! appeared on the board, which he had missed out on.
” But in general, naturally, he did it remarkably,” Carlsen said about Dings subsequent play.

GM Magnus Carlsen reached the final of the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour Finals benefiting Kiva where he will satisfy GM Hikaru Nakamura on Friday. GM Ding Liren missed out on numerous chances however won one fantastic assaulting game.
How to watch?The video games of the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour Finals can be found here as part of our live occasions platform. IM Levy Rozman, IM Anna Rudolf, and IM Eric Rosen are offering everyday commentary on Nakamuras Twitch channel at 7:00 a.m. Pacific/ 16:00 Central Europe.

The world champ won a great very first video game undoubtedly, where he discovered all the ideal transfer to get great compensation in a sideline of the Anti-Moscow, played by Ding. It seems the Chinese GM forgot that his kings bishop should go to e7 instead of g7 in this line, as a 2014 correspondence video game suggests.
Carlsen was constantly pushing however Ding protected well as he returned both his additional pawns however then the narrow path to the draw was too hard to discover with restricted time on the clock.

A fantastic video game by Ding. Image: Maria Emelianova/Chess. com.Also in the next 2 games, it was Ding who was calling the shots, beating Carlsen in the opening twice. It seemed he got extremely near to a win in the endgame of game 3, however Carlsen had correctly evaluated that Blacks most crucial method of playing was likewise a draw.

Video game 4 went even worse for Carlsen, who considered his position to be “basically lost” out of the opening however then he somehow handled to hold. After a draw in the very first blitz game, Ding once again had him on the ropes in game 6, up until he messed up awfully with 32. h4.
” Its an extremely natural move however one that loses, I think, from what ought to be an excellent position,” stated Carlsen. “I would say that even though White is a lot much better, in a blitz video game with very little time it is not obvious. I still had serious hopes of holding this however naturally, winning it is a bit much.”.
As the video game ended, Ding sank down and covered his face with his hand while Carlsen shook his head in disbelief..


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