An enormous antibody research study in England has found that 3.4 million individuals, or 6 percent of the nations population, have contracted the coronavirus.The study of over 100,000 volunteers, which the federal government billed as the biggest survey of its kind, indicated the seriousness of the break out differed amongst demographics and various areas throughout the country.London, with a population of almost 9 million individuals, was struck hardest, with 13 percent of citizens having coronavirus antibodies. Under 3 percent of citizens in the South West region of England had the exact same results.The study found high rates of antibodies among individuals working in “care houses” (16 percent) and the health care market (12 percent), while antibody rates for Black people (17 percent) and Asian people (12 percent) were notably higher than those for white individuals (5 percent.). Of those who checked positive for antibodies, 32 percent reported having no COVID-19 symptoms.The figures are the outcome of research study involving 100,000 individuals evaluating themselves at home for coronavirus antibodies from June 20-July 13.


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